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Yoni Steam
  • Yoni Steam

    Yoni steams have been used for many years as a tradition that inspires women to love, connect with, and heal their reproductive system. Yoni Steams are composed of different herbs to help heal, cleanse and detox your Yoni while  also bringing you a sense of peace.
    - improves the menstrual cycle
    - heals the womb
    - creates space for relaxation 
    - clears congestion from the womb
    - increases circulation & lubrication
    - cleanses & tones the reproductive system
    - increases fertility 
    - reduces pain from fibroids & cysts 
    - reduces pain from endometriosis 
    - strengthens the uterus
    - relieves urinary tract infections 
    - relieves stress
    Company Disclaimer:
    Soul Sistah Healing products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 
    Soul Sistah Healing is not responsible for consequences as a result of the misuse of products. 
    The buyer assumes all responsibility for items once purchased. Because all the items sold are handmade
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