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2021 Scorpio New Moon

A New Moon epitomizes new beginnings. It marks the first cycle of the lunar phase and the perfect occasion for self-reflection. On the night of a new moon, the sky is the darkest. The moon rests directly between the earth and the sun, causing it to look blackish instead of its average brightness. You may still be able to see it due to the stars that lie behind it.

As you know, a star (just like yourself) cannot shine without darkness. We all have a dark side, just like the moon, which is called our shadow self. Your shadow self is all of the parts of yourself and your personality that you don't want to acknowledge. The perfect time to do shadow work and find ways to work with your dark side positively is during a new moon. Shadow work engages one's ability to understand and discover every element of themselves. It allows you to turn those negative characteristics into positives.

We'll dive deeper into shadow work and a few prompts to get us started in our next blog.

Today's New Moon is in Scorpio, which represents rebirth, transformation, change, and elimination. Now is the precise time to release the past and make plans for the future. You may feel some intense emotions as Scorpios are pretty emotional. Use this energy to face your shadow self. Think before reacting and put an end to your old ways. Remove all past thoughts (which cannot be changed) and focus on what you control. Pull yourself to this present moment and make concrete changes today to make way for a better tomorrow. You have all of the power. Listen to your intuition.

Here are a few activities that you can engage in on today. Like, comment, and share your thoughts with us. Thank you Soul Family!

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