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Updated: May 7, 2020

Lately, I've been throwing myself into my work but haven't made the time to finish building my website. So, today is the day! Well, at least it's a start. I plan on launching my site before the end of the month. With this pandemic going on, I have so much free time. I'm low-key grateful for this moment because with work, I was losing sight of my business. Working 9 to 10-hour shifts had me ready to come home, eat, & get in my bed. I rarely even had time to watch Netflix and chill. Now I have no excuse. I paid for my website in January & now it's April. That's 4 months of procrastinating. I realize that I run myself crazy by doing everything manually. The internet literally has all of the tools to succeed but of course, we procrastinate. Well, at least I know I have and I can blame no one but myself. We tend to be the ones who hold ourselves back from excelling. Even though we know exactly what to do in order to accomplish our goals. Don't be like me. Don't wait 4 months. Get UP!

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